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Tampopo - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in aquamarine beryl
Test-cut in citrine quartz
Rendering simulating citrine quartz

I wanted to get a design for a stone resembling a dandelion ("tampopo", in Japanese), so I had to figure out how to get those long rectangular petals and a nice rounded shape. Of the 3 versions I did, this one is probably the better for the reflection pattern and number of facets. If you check the rendering you'll see the ~rectangular long reflections and the long reflections in the outer part of the stone and the shorter petal-like reflections closer to the center. I think this would be a nice stone cut in citrine quartz.

If you cut this design please consider posting a picture on this page, I'd be happy to see the results in a real stone. If you are faster than me in cutting this design!