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Squartuguese2 - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in spessartine-almandine mix garnet
Rendering for rhodolite garnet

OK, a very little variation of my old Voltolini - Squartuguese design, but optimized for garnets and materials with similar/higher RI's. The small differences are enough to change the appearance of the stone quite a bit, and the last tier of the pavillion is easier to cut. So I thought it was worth to post this design even if it's so similar to to it's parent design (but in cut stones you can tell the difference quite easily!). This design is a bit less "portuguese", but the effect is similar. Larger facets closer to the culet provide bigger flashes of a size comparable to the ones present in the other areas of the stone.

This is currently my favorite design for garnets, and it cuts easily and fast. The step crown provides a good flexibility for a better recovery from your rough. I'd advice a relatively large table to let the stone get more light. With high RI's you can afford it.