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Squartuguese - Marco Voltolini

Test stone cut colorless YAG

Same stone as above, dark background
Synthetic corundum, padparadscha color

This is a pretty design for a square stone. I wanted to cut a portuguese design, but I had a squarish piece of rough. So I tried this one. The overall performance is good, it's a nice blending of a step-cut crown, with a portuguese pavillion (with 3 portuguese tiers only).

It's not a deep stone, so it should be easier to mount this than a regular portuguese. Barion facets are very steep, so prongs should take advantage of the cut-corners mainly.

I have no idea about the performance on low RI materials: angles are set to accommodate low RI's as well, computed light return is partially encouraging, but a test-stone needs to be cut to assure an effective good performance.

Pavilion cutting sequence:

Test stone cut colorless YAG