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Sakura 96 - Marco Voltolini

Colorless topaz, with some frosted facets (C1, C3 and C4 tiers, plus the girdle)

Here it is the first original version of my "Sakura" design. I first designed it for a 96 index gear because I'm lazy in changing index gears, so... But after all, I saw I liked this cut a lot so I decided to design a version for the 80 index gear. You can find the 80 index version here: Voltolini - Sakura 80 posted some time ago.

There is a good reason to cut the '80' version: you get a true pentagonal shape. In bigger stones the difference in size of the tips will become evident (looking at the stone with some decent magnification), so I suggest the '80' version. But the people without an 80 index gear may find this version useful. I cut it a few times and I enjoyed the results.