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Puntarella - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in medium color Brazilian amethyst
Rendering for malaya garnet

I have some trouble in describing the shape of this stone: is it a drop? A pear? A shield? Well, it's what you think it is, I guess. But it's a nice shape for those pieces of rough that are like a trillion, but a bit elongated, so cutting a trillion would waste material of the tip, and cutting a rounded pear would waste material or the side tips. And this one is a pleasant shape in general, and I think it would make a nice pendant either placed like a drop o like a shield. There's plenty of opportunities for the creative goldsmith.

The checkerboard-like crown is coupled with a brilliant pavilion to provide a good amount of scintillation. It's a nicely bright design.

It cuts quite easily, just pay attention when cutting tiers 4 and 5. For tier 4 Gemcad actually joined two different tiers (they are cut at the same height), but I advice to cut first 2 facets of tier 4, tier 5 and then the other two facets of tier 4 (see diagram). It's not a problem to cut all 4 and then 5, but I like to cut the girdle in sequence from the tip. Other than this, the design is not difficult and it can be cut in a variety of sizes and materials (RI of quartz, or higher) with good results.