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No: it's trigonal - Marco Voltolini

Light colored amethyst, 4.65 ct

This is not hexagonal: it's trigonal!

This is a simple cut featuring a common step-cut crown and a pavilion with steps arranged in a trigonal fashion, so the overall symmetry of the stone is three-fold. This feature is nice since the pavilion steps "bend" the steps of the crown to the viewer. This is somehow annoying when polishing the crown since some reflections simulate a misalignment and you may think about using the cheater to correct that. But it's only an optical effect...

The overall aspect of the stone is quite strange: the reflections are more concentrated on three tips of the stone and the other three tips show broader reflections.

I test-cut this design in quartz (see picture on the right) and it is optimized for that RI. I have also cut it in YAG and it performs well also in that material.