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Mr Sparkle - Marco Voltolini

Synthetic sapphire and rhodolite garnet
A big African Rhodolite garnet

As the name of this design suggests, it has been created to display lots of scintillation. It requires materials with a decent RI (such as corundum and garnets) but the result is rewarding, especially in light colored materials.

Cutting is not difficult, but you need to be precise (well, you always should be...). Pay attention to tier 6, where you should meet 5 in some facets, 4 and 5 in others, and there are 4 facets with no meets, so you have to cut them at the same height of the other ones. Eyeballing the correct depth works well. Also, you should cut 7 with the prepolishing lap, or some other extrafine lap.

So, if you have a nice big stone and you are looking for some extra scintillation (I'd be curious to see this in zircon or something similar), give Mr Sparkle a try.