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Mikan - Marco Voltolini

Rendering simulating orange garnet
Test cut in light citrine quartz

This is a design suited for large pieces. The angles are optimized for quartz, since it's the most likely material to be found in large and clean pieces (as the ones I have), but it can be cut in any higher RI without any problem. If you have much higher RI you may want to optimize the design, making the crown higher and maybe the pavilion shallower.

It is not an extremely difficult cut, but you must be very careful to cut it well from the start, so all the meets on the crown will be correct without any tweaking. It's basically a time consuming cut, with many facets. The results are rewarding, since the stone will be extremely sparkly, and without the common problems usually found with portuguese cuts in low RI materials, so the extra-effort required for this cut at the end will be rewarded with a very pretty and lively stone.

If you cut one, please consider posting a picture here.