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Malva - Marco Voltolini

Cut in rose quartz (Madagascar)
Test-cut in Uruguayan amethyst
Rendering for amethyst

This is another design based on A. Wolkonski's concept of "minibarion". It is basically a cut-corner pentagonal minibarion...

It is a very fast and easy design to cut, the reflections pattern is very pretty and it works with any RI from quartz and above. For very high RI's it will work, but you might want to check and modify the angles a little to optimize this design and take advantage of the higher refractive index (and probably dispersion as well).

I've cut it in amethyst and I've been very pleased with the results. It is a relatively uncommon shape so it should provide a stone that catches the attention, even if it's a rather simple cut.

Given the small number of facets it should be cut in small- or medium-sized stones. Not that it would be a bad cut for large stones, but big ones usually need some extra facets and boost the scintillation a bit more.