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Kiku - Marco Voltolini

Nice quality citrine quartz, test cut

This is a design created with the Japanese Imperial crest in mind. That crest features a stylized chrysanthemum ("kiku") and I wanted a design with a similar outline.

This is intended to be cut in quartz, especially citrine, to get the classic golden color. It will work with higher RI's, but pay attention if you cut this with very high RI materials since the pattern (which is the main target for this kind of design) will be too different and the effect will be different as well. Pleasant or not, it's your call. Being basically a simple reflector this design is in theory very prone to head shadowing issues, but in practice this problem is not serious at all here. Even with the head shadow the design is pleasant, and you just need to tilt it a degree or so to have a very lively stone.

This is very easy to cut: it's just a 16 flat faceted tier on the pavillion, a rounded girdle, a rounded tier (left unpolished), a 16 facets tier (short of meeting the girdle), another small rounded tier (unpolished), and a small table.

The scintillation is better than you would expect, and the unpolished facets will create a very pretty pattern. Cut this design in a nice citrine quartz and you will be pleased.