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Hanami - Marco Voltolini

Amethyst and citrine quartz cut with the "hanami" design. This is the version with frosted facets on the crown

After designing it, I've forgotten about this design for a while. Then I re-discovered it and did a test-cut. After that it became one of my favorite designs...

This is another design drawn to remind a cherry blossom, but has more details and sparkle than my Voltolini - Sakura 80 design. It should work well for stones of any size.

This design has been optimized for quartz, but it will work for higher RI's. Anyway quartz would be the best since angles are set to have light leakage ~ on the B tier facets (check with es. gemray). This results in a more "flower-ish" shape of the reflections pattern.

You can polish all the facets or leave some frosted on the crown. In case you plan to leave frosted facets as in the picture, I'd suggest, after cutting the pavilion, to cut the A tier and then polish it immediately, before cutting anything else. Then you can shape the flower using e.g. the 600 grit lap (I use that because it leaves the facets frosted the amount I like) to cut the other facets with the proper meets. Then your stone will be done. Quickly. This is also a design relatively easy and fast to cut.

When you are finished cutting, just undop and clean your stone, and then enjoy some "hanami" (cherry blossom viewing). You can do it with your stone...