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Fancy Rhodo - Marco Voltolini

Large rhodolite garnet featuring this design
Rendering for rhodolite garnet

Not the easiest design to cut, but it's a very pretty square cushion cut for relatively large garnets (and materials with similar RI's). It's not that challenging, only some patience is needed.

Lining up all the facets both on the pavilion and on the crown may require some work, but the results are rewarding. The stone shows very good scintillation and good optical performance in general. Given the number of facets it's a good idea to cut this in relatively large stones, for smaller stones a simpler square cushion design might be preferred.

This design was born for a big rhodolite "nodule" I had, and angles have been optimized for garnets, but any similar RI will perform well. I'd foresee extremely good results for a light colored synthetic sapphire, for example.