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Asahi - Marco Voltolini

Polishing the crown before cutting the table, note the "centerpoint" is off-centered

Finished stone, citrine quartz

This is a design a little different from what you usually can see. This is clearly inspired by a Japanese "Rising sun". I used the pavillion from J. Broadfoot design of AFG 2008 contest since I like it very much for rectangular shaped designs. The little differences of angles of mains make it interesting, even if a little more time consuming than a "normal" rectangular barion. I also have a version where the culet is off centered (placed exactly below the table) but I find this version more pleasant.

It is not difficult to cut it and the effect is nice. I like to leave some facets frosted to have the rays more evident, but feel free to polish the entire crown. If you try it please consider posting a picture here of your stone.