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Barion Heart-Transplant - Shifter55

Render in Spinel with no head shadow

This was made to address some of the issues with my Arrow Heart design, mostly with ease and speed of cutting. The somewhat complex barion facets help avoid pure 3-way symmetry in the pavilion, and ensure that said facets touch the mains without affecting the reflection pattern.

To get a good reflection of the mains in the crown I had to increase the angles, and bump the Refractive Index up to 1.6, but it is optimised for Spinel and Sapphire RIs.

Overall it should be a significantly easier heart to cut, and the mains tiers can be replaced with most 6-way symmetry designs due to the equal distance from the barion tier.

If you want a variant that is designed for lower RIs, try the Split Mains variant.

If you cut this, please consider posting an image here or messaging me on the forum with a picture of the cut stone.