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[[Image:DarkCrystal154.gif|thumb|right|300px|Render in Quartz with 10° head shadow]]
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[[Image:DarkCrystal183.gif|thumb|right|300px|Render in YAG with 10° head shadow]]
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Using radial symmetry for triolettes allows for much higher light return than mirrored ones, but at the cost of tilt performance.
Recommend cutting a small temporary girdle for P2, P4, P5 so you have somewhere to adjust cheater/see stone alignment before cutting crown tiers.
P5 and G1 may be difficult to pre-polish unless a false girdle is used to reduce the area being cut. A different design that I test-cut beforehand actually had some issues with misalignment caused by such long facets.
Cuts in RIs 1.54 to 1.83 with no changes. Intended for medium toned material and to have a table facet cut on the end to be blind hole drilled, but it should be able to accept a conical cap instead.
If you cut this, please consider posting an image here or messaging me on the forum with a picture of the cut stone.

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