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5.1.06: gemma just checked for spelling and any really off grammar. i will actually read it thoroughly now. :-) -- oops missed a comma after Pope County and I now see two spellings of Jablonski. arghh. "I'll be baaacckkkk!"

  • Since none of us apparently majored in the English language, I think spelling errors are to be expected. Somebody like me (a dyed-in-the-wool YANK) will come along and spoil your day with corrections. ;) Tom Goodwin, G.G. 16:28, 16 January 2007 (PST)

Scapolite data

  • The data on scapolite (tenebrescence) is changed to 10-15 minutes. My test was done with a UVP UVG4 portable lamp, what lamp was used that resulted in 10-15 minutes? --Doos 07:44, 17 January 2007 (PST)
The photograph file TenebScap.gif (before sw-uv radiation) doesn't appear, although I checked the file and it is appeared when I keyed it up. Tom Goodwin, G.G. 20:57, 17 February 2007 (PST)

It's showing on mine, maybe try it again after clearing your cache. That happens to me sometimes --Africanuck 04:52, 18 February 2007 (PST)