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After looking at my pattern for "Fallen Star" for a while, I decided I wanted a new design that showed much more of the five-pointed star in the reflection pattern. So, I messed around with the crown a little bit, and tacked on an extra tier of pavilion facets for more interest.

Just like the "Fallen Star" pattern, this one has great light return. There's a little sacrifice closer to the girdle, but that makes the five-pointed star show even better. There's plenty of scintillation, and the little starburst in the pavilion makes the area under the table look even more like a star. I prefer this in a yellow-gold material, so it looks starry, but it works in any material from feldspar to CZ (RI = 1.52 - 2.16) with no changes.

Again, the pavilion is really easy to cut, but I would cut in the two fine sets of pavilion facets with prepolish. The crown is easier than the crown on "Fallen Star", so that's a plus.

The pavilion cuts very easily. It's a standard barion, and there are relatively few mast/height changes for a 1-fold symmetric shape. The crown does take a bit more work - there are some codependent meets and some tight corners, but it's very doable. I'm not sure how possible the C12 facets will be to cut on some people's machines, though. There's nothing about this design that's particularly difficult.

Difficulty level = high beginner