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Welcome to The Gemology Project.

The Gemology Project is a joined effort to bundle as much gemological information as possible and distribute that knowledge, without cost, to anyone interested in what keeps us of the streets.

This project is started in January 2006 by gemologists and gemology students worldwide.
We have chosen a wiki as the content manager so all serious gemologists can contribute to it. Something we applaud doing.

We try to keep the structure of The Gemology Project as simple as possible and where applicable we follow the following format for topics:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Expert

This to ensure visitors of every level can quickly find what they need, skipping information that is too complex or too basic. Whichever applies to you as the reader.
As of writing little pages are written, yet this will change with the addition of more authors willing to help this endavour grow.

You can find an index in the TOC.

All pages are written on a volunteer base and will be screened by other volunteers.
While we do our utmost best to check all content is accurate and up-to-date, we are human and don't know all or see all. Therefor we need your particiation and let use know our errors through the appropiate discussion pages.
Please read the disclaimer and help pages before you get upset or frustrated.

We are aware that these pages can serve as an online course on gemology, but we don't hand out diplomas nor certificates. Neither are we responsible for you goofing up an exam due to information you found on these pages.
At anytime we encourage you to check the writings, ask questions and get involved. Only then will you come out as victorer in your battle with the stones.

Happy surfing.