Collins - Tri Ascher

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Collins - Tri Ascher

I looked for triangle step design, like a asscher but I couldn't find one. So I drew this up. I would not be surprised if some one has done the design before. But I did not copy it. On most of my designs I put a disclaimer that says "Any similarity to other designs is purely coincidental and unintentional." and that is truth. Have fun! 😀

You can comment on this design, or if you have pictures of your cut of this design by sending to tonyacdesigns (you know what goes in the middle)

Click on this link to download the GemCAD file: File:Tri Ascher.gem

Click on this link to download the Gem Cuts Studio file: File:Tri Ascher.gcs

Click on this link to download the .pdf file: File:Tri Ascher.pdf

Tri Ascher.jpg