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The license referenced does not prohibit users to take over more than 10 images or pages, and such restriction is nonsense for one reason, that when you are referencing the license, and somebody replicates for example single page, under the same license, then your information about restriction is not replicated as it is not part of the license, and a person that is 1-2 steps further from the source may theoretically find more than 10 pages and use them without knowing your original restriction.

I suggest that you lift the restriction, or otherwise change the license, which may become difficult at this point of time.

Maybe you should read the license first.

Further following wording shall be changed, as text is protected by copyright but licensed.

You agree any content you post, submit, contribute or otherwise provide to the Gemology Project is not protected by someones copyright, trade secret, patent rights or any other intellectual property rights, or by privacy rights.