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Does anyone have a nice logo or can make one? Transparent background svp

what do you have in mind? i might twist an arm of a friend if i have an idea. can you give a pix example with commentary so i can give her an idea?
something simple and transparent, preferably something that has something to do with gemology.Anatase has been creative and so have I .. if we have enough samples maybe we could put them side by side and vote.Asking an outsider to come up with something that might not be used is not a good idea.For some simple examples look at the bottom of [1] to see what other projects use.--Doos 06:04, 7 February 2006 (PST)

what size does it need to be? Africanuck, 7 Feb

135x135px max --Doos 13:54, 7 February 2006 (PST)

i can understand what you mean about outside art. what if we used some neat, signature inclusion as part of the design -- sort of representing the mysteries and secret worlds of gemology? but if you have ideas already, i think it a good idea to look at them side-by-side and discuss them. (sorry i have been absent; been imprisoned by a wicked black cloud from which i have *think* i have finally escaped. will try very hard to not let it interfere with the project again. feels good to be back :-) hope soon to make it back to the forum.)

  • I took a look at the logos and I think a good choice was made with "The Gemology Project" depicted on the handle of the loupe.