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Another faceter, Jordan Wilkins, had a dark natural blue sapphire, so he asked me to write a square cushion that would lighten the stone, and more importantly, have high scintillation. Well, high scintillation means lots of facets, so this ridonkulous stone ended up getting written. Jordan ended up cutting this in a pink tourmaline, but at some point while cutting the crown, internal strain ended up popping chunks out. I STILL don't know what this will look like in real life...

The pattern has AMAZING light return, ridiculous scintillation, and great tilt performance, and is just generally pleasant to look at. Now, I did write this for sapphire, so I didn't expect it to work in lower RIs. However, it does manage to work pretty well in materials from peridot to CZ (RI = 1.65 - 2.16) with no changes. You might be able to scale it for other materials, but that's really up to you.

As for cutting...meetpoints matter here. Quite a bit, actually. The pavilion starts off as a simple CAM preform, but then builds on meets, then builds on new meets. A mistake here or there in the pavilion probably won't be noticeable unless it's while you're making the first few CAM facets. The crown shouldn't be too difficult, either. The major issue is the fact that there's a large number of small facets with tight meets.

Difficulty level: mid intermediate