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Squashed - Michiko Huynh

Is it a trillion? Or is it a shield? Either way, it is very much “squashed” to me.

Click on this link to download the gemcad file: File:Low shield.gem

Click on this link to download the pdf file: File:LOWSHI~1.pdf

This is a deep barion design. It makes a light-colored stone darker. This design works for most of gem materials. For garnet, however, I suggest you to use this shallower version.File:Low shield 1.pdf

It is easy to cut. It may be a challenge to get all the crown meet points perfectly meet. Good thing is it is very bright and flaws are not obvious to the eye.

About barion

A barion is a group of facets that looks like a crescentic moon and is located under the girdle. Barions may be used in deep pavilions in ovals, cushions, shields etc. They help avoiding overly steep pavilion angles and make cutting easier by allowing a cutter to start with the same angles.

Michiko Huynh Photo

Spinel showing the barions