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Beginner Tourm - Michiko Huynh

This is an easy-to-cut tourmaline design. It is especially good with a tourmaline crystal with the closed C-axis. It hides the undesirable C color and gives a high recovery.

It also works well with quartz.

There are only 19 facets including the girdle facets. Cut it in a 1 x 1.5 rectangle as close as you can. If you want to cut this design with a 64 index gear, simply divide the index numbers by 1.5.

Click on this link to download the gemcad file: File:Beginner Tourm.gem

Click on this link to download the pdf file: File:RECTAN~2.pdf

Michiko Huynh Photos

Dravite tourmaline with the closed C axis
The same stone as left
The winning entry of the Pretty Rock closed-C tourmaline faceting contest 2011