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Editing help

Editing a page

Find the page you want to edit. Click on the "Edit" button (the 3rd tab on the top of this page, OR the mini [edit] on the right). This should open an editing interface. Try and follow the same format as the rest of the page. In the beginning, you might find it easier to copy some portion of the page that looks similar in format to what you want to add, paste it where you want to appear in the page, and edit it. As you get closer to becoming a master at the art of wiki editing, you might want to refer to Text Formatting Rules (see below)

Previewing & changing pages

When you are done editing, click on the Show preview button below the editing box. This will open a page with the current page's preview, and the page editing interface below it. If you choose, you can make some more changes using the editing interface. When you are done, click the Save page button below, and your editing will be saved for online viewing.

Text formatting rules & Tables

If you click on this page, it directs you to most of the formatting info you will need.

For creating tables in this wiki, there is a small tutorial in Help:Table. To access a prefab blank table for gemstone descriptions click:TableTemplate

Use of third party information and images

All information you copy from other sources should be done with permission from the author or the original author should be fully aknowledged. There are several ways to do this. The most common way is to mention the source at the bottom of each page in the "Sources" section.
Images you use should carry the same written permission from the creator and they should be attributed (preferably in the comment when you upload the file).

Lapidary Tutorials Help page

Here you can find a help page on adding content to our lapidary tutorial section.

Faceting Designs Help page

Here you can find an elaborate help page on adding faceting designs to the project's design database.

Spelling and grammar

We use US-En spelling and grammar.
Names of gemstones are not capitalized, unless at the start of a sentence


It is not permissible to advertise your products, books, website or anything else on the pages. The only exception is that when a large part of information comes from a source that is your own and only then in the "Sources" section at the bottom of the page you are editing.
We reserve the right to edit out anything that violates this rule.

Sharing information and copyright

When you contribute to The Gemology Project, you can not change your mind later (for whichever reason) and delete your contributions. You will not transfer copyright to The Gemology Project when you share your information, but you explicitly give us everlasting permission to publish it.

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