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Q: Why this website?
A: Because we felt the need to share our knowledge and were frustrated that gemological knowledge was scattered around the internet. Sometimes even false information was provided.

Q: Is this website an online course on gemology?
A: No.

Q: I want to become a gemologist, what is the best route to take?
A: The best route would be by taking formal training from some of the schools outlined in Introduction to Gemology.

Q: Some people offer online courses and examinations, are they better than your program?
A: We don't offer a program, we share information. But to answer your question; no, we are better.

Q: I have good information to share, can I post it?
A: Please do!

Q: But I can't create an account, did I do something wrong?
A: No, although this is a wiki, we dont work according to wiki guidelines. Instead we like to control the content by approving editors/writers so the risk of errors and/or false information is reduced to the minimum. If you would like to participate, contact us. You could of course also use the submission links on top and bottom of each page. You do not need an account for that.

Q: I found information on this website that seems to be false or at least incorrect, can I just go ahead and correct that?
A: We prefer you opening a discussion on it first (see community portal for the appropiate channels). You can also use the submission links to point out our errors.

Q: Sometimes I see "gemology" spelled as "gemmology", what is the difference?
A: The difference is that "gemology" is US-English spelling while "gemmology" is British spelling. We use US-En spelling.

Q: I'm confused with some units that you provide, for instance you use degrees Celsius, what is that in degrees Fahrenheit?
A: We went along with you on US-En spelling, now you should give in some and use the metric system (conversion sites are widely available).