Collins - Pryamid4 Sneferu

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Collins - Pyramid4 Sneferu

Pyramid4 Sneferu It is a bit complicated why I drew this one up. There are several competitions coming up that have square designs. Squares can be hard as you need to get the 4 sides equal, otherwise the crown facets will not meet up. To help with this I designed this to practise squareness. It has relative big facets on the pavilion, WIDE girdles, and only a big flat table. It is also for the practise of polishing big flat facets. The absence of a crown facets is because of when drawing other designs, I noticed that there were interesting patterns in the renders of the design with only a table at the crown end. So I explored that idea. With RI of the CZ, there are nice patterns looking from either end.

Now because it is a pyramid, my mind brought up a memory. I refreshed my memory and dug up the angles that the great pyramids of Egypt were built at. I was thinking of cutting this design in red CZ, so I used the angle of the Red Pyramid as the P1 facets. The render showed that this worked. The Red Pyramid is the third biggest in Egypt, but I won't bore you with the other details.That it worked at that angle is a testament of the Wisdom of the Ancients, magic numbers, or just plain coincidence.

How big the girdle is , is up to your choice. My test cut worked well, (apart from the usual meets not, and a couple of chips from cleaning it (long story)). Measurements came up not bad, I thought, 9.61x9.56mm, could be better, I know. Is hard to photograph. It would be nice as a paper weight, say in the 100 - 1000 ct range. 😀

You can comment on this design, or if you have pictures of your cut of this design by sending to tonyacdesigns (you know what goes in the middle) .

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Click on this link to download the .pdf file: File:Pyramid4 Sneferu.pdf

Pyramid4 Sneferu.jpg