Collins - Princess Trilliant

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Collins - Princess Trilliant

The aim of this design was to get a trilliant with the sparkle and pattern of a princess cut. I wanted a trilliant style of crown.

The pavilion was trial and error to get the princess look. But the one that looked like a princess would not meet point through. So more trial and error to get the simple pavilion as shown. The crown I just messed around with the facets until getting a good looking one.

The render showed promise, with a wide response angle and good light return across the usual materials.

The test cut showed that it is a amazing cut, bright, and in the right light, great patterns. P4 requires a light touch, but it is a quick and easy design to cut. Good performance from below quartz to above CZ.

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Princess Trilliant.png

Render in Quartz

Click on this link to download the GemCAD file: File:Princess Trilliant.gem

Click on this link to download the Gem Cuts Studio file: File:Princess Trilliant.gcs

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Click on this link to download the .pdf file: File:Princess Trilliant.pdf

Princess Trilliant.jpg