Collins - Illusion

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Collins - Illusion

You can comment on this design, or if you have pictures of your cut of this design by sending to tonyacdesigns (you know what goes in the middle)

This, and the other ZigZag designs, was inspired by the design "No stinkin' badges". Who says that girdles have to be straight and level? The idea intrigued me, and after a couple of simple designs like Trizag, I had this shape in my head and it took a bit to get out. It helps to visualise as a dog-clutch with two V teeth each. One side "engages" the other side. The key to cutting is realiseing that the P1 and C1 are matched pairs - they engage each other.

The design cuts quick once you get the idea of the shape. You have to be careful with P2 & P3 as they are easy to overcut. The design is good for most of the usual materials, and you should not need to Tangent Ratio the design. Doing so will distort the girdle lines because P1 and C1 have direct relationship to each other.


Click on this link to download the GemCAD file: File:Illusion Eye.gem

Click on this link to download the Gem Cuts Studio file: File:Illusion.gcs

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Click on this link to download the .pdf file: File:Illusion.pdf

Collins - Illusion Photos

Pavilion in CZ
MM Sapphire