(Klaja - Radiation)

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Klaja - Radiation

This design is supposed to help with the problem of dark garnets, i.e. namanga. I suggest a size of no greater then 4 mm.

This (reworked) design is untested. A previous test cut was made, this is the reworked version to offer more interesting reflection pattern and better light return.

Note: This design is not relying completely on the meet point technique. Instead the pavilion is based on the observing of the cutter, where i.e. one tier is cut 100% deeper then the previous one etc. (or, twice as deep) Not very practical, but it produces an interesting gem.

The crown however is normal meet point.

Click on this link to download the GemCAD file: File:Radiation.gem

Don't have gemcad? Follow the link below for the PDF version of the design: File:RadiationPDF.pdf